Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Eve Online

Lately I've been playing a lot of Eve Online. It's a fun game and it's pretty unique. Probably the only game where it can feel extremely intense one moment then detached the next. What I love about it is that it really is one of the only MMO's that you don't have to make feel like work to enjoy. For example,

World of Warcraft. My experiences with it was that it was pretty awesome in the beginning, I was pretty impressed with the scale and all that. But after a while it became pretty inane and boring, and to me, it really doesn't take much skill to do anything competetently, it's all relative to the amount of time you can devote.

Eve Online. My experiences with it in the beginning were pretty much mired with thoughts along the lines of 'HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO'. I got so confused, but stuck it out because I'm a science fiction fag and eventually became slightly competent with it. What I liked about it is the fact that I didn't have to 'grind' to increase my skills. I mean sure, grinding does exist don't get me wrong, -I have yet to discover a MMO without some element of grinding in it, sadly- but Eve allows you to train whatever skills you want in the background whilst you play, or when you are offline. As well as this, there are hundreds of potential skills to be learnt, which all serve different purposes. So you can pretty much do what the hell you want in Eve without worrying about if you're pulling the max amount of exp/hour, and be as unique as you want (within reason) with your skillset, which was always a pet hate of mine in other MMOs, being identical to hundreds of other players.

And shit, got to go. I'll continue this later, apologies.

(Also, aware that my blogs are irregular, boring, rushed and pretty bland. Currently unable to stay as active as I would have liked, (probably started this at the wrong time actually) so I'm trying to get at least one entry out at least once every coupla days, but this means I have to rush it and shit. Apologies. After all this and when I get used to blogging I'll try to post interesting shit. I also might post a short story or two (I write, I'm a faggot.) )


  1. I've always wanted to try this game, seems better than the usual fantasy themed crap

  2. Shouldnt put down your own blog man! i love reading your new posts, im a fucking addict to this page, you couldnt keep me away if you tried ;D

  3. Completely agree with jaypower! This blog is awesome, looking forward to the next post!

  4. Hm i played this game some time ago. Didn't really get into that though.

  5. Never really played it. Ever since the times I used to devote my life to RuneScape, I've tried to steer clear of MMORPG's. Might give it a shot though.

    And I'll forgive you for a bit of irregularity. I've had similar issues over at my blog.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I keep trying the 14 day trial for eve and each time I'm convinced I'll actually subscribe this time, but every time I lose interest after the first day. Great concept, needs some work on the execution IMO to keep people interested.

    Looking forward to the update that lets you walk around in bases and stuff, unless it already came out...

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  7. I think I'll give it a shot too..

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  9. Never really got into the MMO games.